The Morning Cried Light Into The World

by Miriam Christina & Wolfgang Gsell

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Ambient music for synthesizers and human voice

Miriam Christina - Lyrics & Vocals
Wolfgang Gsell - Synthesizer

Miriam Christina is usually working alone under the alias "Theothersideofwho?" She started creating music in order to give lyrics a home outside of her head, and wraps the words in sounds in her very own special way. This time she vocalized the music of Wolfgang Gsell in her words.

About Wolfgang Gsell:
1956 born in Stuttgart, Germany.
He works as webdesigner, photodesigner and music composer.
With 15 he began to play guitar. In the late 80s he changed into playing synthesizers.


released April 18, 2016



all rights reserved


Theothersideofwho? Germany

Theothersideofwho? is not a project - it is a labor of love.
Feelings and thoughts become words. Words become music.
Music is my heartbeat.
All my tunes came out of my mind and were born with the help of the "Garage Band" App. Listen and enjoy!
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Track Name: In A Lucid Dream
In a Lucid Dream

You see me
I'm a fairy
You see me
Your fairy queen
Hide me
From reality

Le jour se lève
Le brume s'évade
Tout ce qui reste
Est dans ta mémoire
Track Name: Open Range
Open range

We were all so innocent
Before growing up like this
Trying to be the perfect person
predicted failure, that's what it is.

Now that I have scratched the surface
Opened up a big deep wound
Filled with envy, hate and anger
J'ai perdue mon innocence

I am searching all around me
Is there any chance of cure?
With a needle and a thread
Hesitantly in my hand
Shouldn't sew it, 'cause it won't heal
'till this mud gets out of it

Let it open
Wash it out
With my disinfectant tears
While I'm writing
Wound is shrinking
I can feel the hurting leave

Mud is turning
Into fresh blood
Take a breath and feel relieved
Track Name: Keeper Of The Hearts
Keeper Of The Hearts

Here we are out in the rain
Cold is biting, we don't care

Hold me tight
Keep me warm

You and I out in the rain
Little secret love affair
Track Name: The Morning Cried Light Into The World
The Morning Cried Ligh Into The World

Chercher la vague
Trouver la vague
Reste là
Reste là
Plonge dans la vague
Reste là
Attends moi
Attends moi
Reste là
Chasser la vague
Attends moi
Les mémoires d'enfance
(Entre Saint-Jean-De-Luz et Biarritz)
Track Name: There's No Need To Hide
There's No Need To Hide

You know who I am
There's no need to hide
Destroying all our shells
Showing our insides

Caring for our fragile souls
Making them shine bright
There's no need to hide
There's no need to hide
Track Name: La Lune
La Lune

La lune se noie
À côté de toi
Dans le lac noire
Noire comme cette nuit

Je vois à peine ton corps dans l'eau
J'aimerais bien te joindre
Ça m'excite
Mais je n'ose pas

Je reste cacher dans la nuit

J'adore de te regarder
Te fixer avec mes yeux
Toi et la lune

Sans un mot
Sans un simple bruit
Je quitte
Track Name: Beyond The Limits
Beyond The Limits

I came from the other side
Just a little passing by
Looking like I'm humanized

Have been sent to save this man
Dehydrated in the sand
Teaching what he needs to know
About friendship and a rose
About love and letting go

Can't stay forever
Just long enough
To leave a trace in everyone
Who'll read the book
This man will write
About the prince
Who saved his life